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Records began on 29 grudzień 2012. Here are the month-by-month extremes recorded since then.
Temperature and Humidity
Highest Temperature  °C
Lowest Temperature  °C
Highest Dew Point  °C
Lowest Dew Point  °C
Highest Apparent Temperature  °C
Lowest Apparent Temperature  °C
Lowest Wind Chill Temperature  °C
Highest Heat Index  °C
Highest Minimum  °C
Lowest Maximum  °C
Highest Humidity  %
Lowest Humidity  %
Highest Daily Range  °C
Lowest Daily Range  °C
Highest Rain Rate  mm/hr
Highest Hourly Rainfall  mm
Highest Daily Rainfall  mm
Highest Monthly Rainfall  mm
Longest Dry Period  days
Longest Wet Period  days
Highest Wind Gust  km/h
Highest Wind Speed Average  km/h
Highest Daily Wind Run  km
Lowest Pressure (sl)  hPa
Highest Pressure (sl)  hPa

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